Social Media

It’s easy to forget most major social media platforms–Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn–haven’t even been around for a decade. There is now an entire generation hitting the workforce that grew up with it. And expectations reach far beyond its social intentions, ranging from news to customer service.

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Admittedly, I an not an early adopter to any social platform. I like to take my time understanding a given platform’s utility and reach.

When I Joined Social Networks

  • LinkedIn, 2006 (est. 2002)
  • Facebook, 2007 (est. 2003)
  • Twitter, 2009 (est. 2006)
  • Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, Flickr, Tumblr, Snapchat, Reddit . . . ???

My studious approach seems to have paid off. I cut my social-strategy teeth with the MSPCA (who doesn’t love a puppy pic?), and successfully implemented a campus-wide social strategy at Wheaton College (MA). Though we inherited a low bar, my team was able to grow and engage our following in ways Wheaton never had before. And though the following year’s numbers were lower, as we were competing against ourselves, they still reflected significant growth.

Social Numbers - FY2014

The foundation laid in year one continued to yield dividends. Instagram has proved to be our most popular account (primary to our target demographic), growing at 121% over the past fiscal year. Twitter (32%+), Facebook (16%+), and our LinkedIn University page (15%+) all grew as well. More importantly, engagement grew tremendously across accounts, with Instagram (220%+) and Twitter (128%+) leading the way.

Additional experience includes various internal seminars for Wheaton, as well as the aforementioned MSPCA consulting project, as well as consulting engagements with the Attleboro Public Library and Boston-area Century 21 offices.